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aunt poem Item # MP55-Order this

aunt poem

-a poem For aunt from her niece. What better way to say I love you then with an aunt poem. Order this poem for aunt. It will be special gift FOR aunt.

















Certain life events
like the birth of your first child
can bring to the forefront the
most important people in your life
Casting a spotlight on those
who have been by your side
every step of the way
Lending a helping hand
when you need it
and a pat on the back
simply because...
You, my dear aunt
are that person for me
You have been someone that I can count on
and aspire with high hopes to emulate
How lucky am I that I have someone
that looks at me with such obvious love
leaving me truly comfortable to be myself
To accept me as I am
What a wonderful lesson you have taught me
To love unconditionally
and entirely
If I could give my child one gift
it would be
this same gift of unconditional love
Thank you for being an essential part of my life
and my biggest champion
You are an inspiration
and a role model
and a woman
I am proud to
call my aunt
my friend!


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